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I'm Finally Out of My House!! is a small independently owned business that I started a few years ago that originated out of my home office.

As a start-up company with a small budget, it was important for me at the time to try and save rent dollars, and to utilize what funds I had to do marketing. Working out of my home did help save on rent dollars, however, I quickly found the drawbacks of working out of my home overshadowed the rent savings.

I searched local newspapers and phone books for a nearby business location that was affordable and would allow me the opportunity to network with other business owners, have administrative assistance, and provide conference room space for my mobile loan closing business. I wasn't able to find any that met my strict criteria using the traditional methods. I then jumped on the internet to further my search when I came across the website. provided the names of several local management companies who had executive suites for rent in the Tampa area. The site provided me an easy way to shop and compare the local Tampa market without making lots of phone calls. I found office space within 3 days using the Offices2share website that met all my criteria.

My new office allows me to network with other business professionals, provides ample conference room space and I even had a big window overlooking oaktrees and azalea bushes. Not only am I happier working out of the house, but offices2share has helped grow my business by giving my business a more professional appeal to my clients.

Thanks for helping me grow and strengthen my business.

Thanks Jeff - Mindi Barnes.

Mindi Barnes
President/Founder, Tampa, FL


My job recently relocated me to a new city to open up a branch office. My first task was to find office space in a new building, good location and within our monthly budget. After spending weeks researching the internet, newspapers and working with every top notch commercial realtor out there, I stumbled across a solution!!

What took me weeks on my own, took literally a few days for the amazing staff at to accomplish. They located the perfect space, in an ideal location at exactly the price our budget would allow! Within a week the lease was signed and I could finally get back to work at doing what I do best.


Lisa Tyler
Manager of Live Events B2 Networks, Nashville, CA

Very good experience

The team who met with me were very professional. They answered my questions and got me into an office where I am now very productive. I expect a solid ROI for the money and would recommend to anyone who is thinking of moving from a home office to a more professional setting.

Kevin Donlin
, Edina, MN

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