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"Offices2Share was an astonishingly efficient and easy web resource for sorting through the many office space choices in Washington. They covered furnished and unfurnished, virtual and full time spaces, and exchanged my info with the various services and landlords with one click. Within 10 days, I checked out four places in two DC locations, signed a contract, and moved in. Amazing."   Peter, Washington, DC

"Using Office2Share I was able to find an office (in the location I wanted, and for the price I was looking), in one day."   Jennifer Todd, President , VAS, Inc, Austin, TX

"I would like to thank Office 2 Share for making the process of choosing and finding an office easy for me. I didn't know where to start or who to call and when I found, I was able to find the offices in my area, see pictures of what the office looked like either on the outside and sometimes on the inside, contact someone at the location via email or phone and set up an appointment to meet with someone. What a way to save time, gas and energy!"   Renea Turner, Owner , Elite Coordinators, Inc., Indianapolis, IN

" was a service found thru a simple Google search for office space in the fine city of Anchorage,Alaska. I responded to their web site and within an hour I had listings of offices, contacts, office specifications including cost ranges etc. I answered Mr. Jeff Landers communications (Offices2Share) as to the offerings I was interested in pursuing and, again within two hours, had detailed information on each offering for my review. After careful consideration and further assistance from Mr. Landers, a selection was made, contract signed, and ACA took accupancy of the facility.

This prompt, complete, and "customer" oriented approach saved me money and time, resulting in a perfect fit for office space given our company needs.

I recommend to anyone to solicit Offices2share to assist their search for company office space."   Jack Neeld, Director, Business Operations , Alaska Cultural Artifacts, Anchorage, AK

"I have been working out of my home for a long time. After hearing about offices2share I was browsing and was intrigued enough to look at some of the spaces. I rented a beautiful office that is conveniently located and regained my home. I found that sharing an office with other people has given me much more energy, motivation and inspiration. It was definitely one of my best decisions."   Annette Grignard, Pet Dreams

"Your service is great!! In one day I made 5 appointments to see space through your service. I had spent the entire previous week looking through newspapers, calling realtors, begging friends, etc. I accomplished in 20 minutes on your website what I couldn't do in more than a week. If I weren't so happy with my new office, I would no doubt be using your website everyday...just for kicks!! Thanks again!"   Donald F. Carpenter, Jr., DFC Wealth Management LLC, Century City, CA

"After 3 weeks of having listed my office with your service I have successfully rented the space. It was easy and effortless to do so."   Richard Aron, President , InsideOut Image Consulting

"My team at Colliers ABR, a premier full service brokerage firm regularly uses Offices2share. The site's unique ability to provide an efficient marketplace to connect the "buyers and sellers" of short-term office space, enables my firm to service our short-term accounts in an efficient and cost effective manner. Additionally, it exposes our clients to spaces that are traditionally not marketed by large commercial brokerage firms, such as shared spaces with attorneys, accountants, consultants and the like."   Willem VanDooijeweert, Managing Director , Colliers ABR - The Velocity Group

"On two occasions I have found fantastic office mates via, it was a far better way to advertise than the usual newspapers I used in the past."   Sarah Greene, Mean Fiddler

"I just wanted to let you know that we got a very nice response from our listing with you. Your service had been recommended to me by a friend who got her office space through offices2share and she was very pleased with it. We may have to use offices2share again in the near future and it is great to know that we can rely on the efficiency and professional presentation of your service to advertise our space. Thank you."   Kathleen Purtill, Business Manager , American Orthopsychiatric Association

"I placed an ad in Offices2share on May 31 and by July 1st I rented the office. I am now thinking of placing another ad."   Zenaida Rosario, Executive Assistant , Shasho Jones Direct

"I had listed the space with several on-line services. No one came to see the space except the two from;, and the first of the two to visit [the office space] took the space at once. (The second one actually arrived while the first was looking at the space.)"   C. Perkins, Lawyer

"I have been advertising in various print media including Crains, the New York Times and the New York Law Journal; none of those more expensive advertising outlets have produced close to the number of leads I get from offices2share; thank you offices2share!"   Jay Itkowitz, President ,

"I have received many responses from placing an ad in various newspapers, as well as from the Offices2share site - BUT NONE of the other sources gave me the caliber of prospective tenants I met through; they move quickly, many of them were high tech/internet companies with successful track records. And one start up company signed 4 days after meeting with us."   David Sirieix,

"I used your service and it was great. I am a commercial real estate broker, and I listed a few small, well-located spaces on your site, and got more tenants than I could imagine. I was able to give the sub-landlord many choices so he could choose the most suitable tenant. I found your service to be invaluable and I highly recommend it as a solution to brokers or individuals in similar situations."   James J. Lola, Manager , Licensed Real Estate Broker

"I wish to commend you on running an excellent web site. On this, my first day of searching your site, I have already obtained many leads and many responses. I will recommend your website to all my business friends and associates. And, of course, I will be a regular user whenever I am looking for office space. Once again, thanks."   Probal DasGupta, CEO , AmeriSOURCE Consulting, Inc.

"The response to our listing on was phenomenal. Not only did it succeed in situating the perfect tenant in our dormant space, but it also has given our facility an influx of potential clients for our short-term space. I recommend Offices2Share to anyone looking to rent short-term space. The need for fractional office space has never been greater. is the ideal resource for both seekers and sellers."   Meg Maloney, Sales Manager , Think Tank @ 100 William

"As soon as I placed the ad on the phone started ringing off the hook and to this day people email me. Offices2share is the best resource for finding office mates."   Raphi Salem, SalemGlobal Internet Web Design and Programming

"Offices2share has been our most successful marketing tool to date. We look forward to continued success and will refer you to anyone we can."   Read Coughlin, Managing Director , Techspace LLC

"We rented our spaces - due to The response was consistent. I will recommend your service to all who are renting and looking for space. You do your job well."   Beth Grossman, Executive Vice President , Communications/Marketing Action

" yielded more responses than 2 ads in the Voice - and we filled our space within 2 days (after waiting 4 months!). A great service! Thanks."   Chloe Graef, Studio Manager , The Pushpin Group

"This site has helped me more than any ad that I have placed anywhere. I paid over $600.00 to place ads in the New York Times and Barron's, both online and in the printed version and received 7 calls total. Your site has gotten me a great tenant, over 20 inquiries, and a sense of relief. Thank you and keep up the good work."   Ross Charno, RFC Securities

" worked really well for us. We received a good number of inquiries and found a tenant very quickly. I will recommend's services to my friends and colleagues!"   Isabelle Quesada, Co-Founder & VP of Marketing , Decimal, Inc., San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

"I want to let you know what a great service you are providing. As a new B2B e-commerce company we needed to find a space that could accommodate both our technology and marketing requirements. Through your Web site we were able to find Class A space in mid-town Manhattan at very competitive rates. When we were searching for space we also looked at classified newspaper ads and contacted several landlords but could not find what we needed. The space we rented though offices2share was listed by a broker - whom we would never have known about without you. It was a win-win-win for the prime tenant, the broker and ourselves. Thank you."   Charles J. Altman, Esq., President , Tikon Mortgage Technologies

"Your service was just perfect for me: I found the perfect office-mate to share my loft after about two weeks advertisement... I sing your praises to everyone I know."   Rune Kongshaug, President , Dome Artist/Outreach

"I have used your service and have rented my office in two weeks through your Web site. I have referred about a dozen people to you. I think your Web site is phenomenal! Keep it up and thanks."   Larry Turell, Diversified Concepts, Inc.

"I had great success listing our excess office space with Offices2share! We found a tenant within a week, and had to turn away many others. It is a great resource, and I would highly recommend your site. I wish you well in your continued growth."   Margy Wepman, CFO , Multinational Strategies, Inc.

"Thanks for renting our office. I got a better flow of inquiries out of your service than I received from 3 ads in the Sunday New York Times. Your service is terrific!"   LHH, AHS Company

"A friend recommended you based on her success with you. The ad went in and I heard nothing for a week. Then Monday I got 3 calls, 2 on Tuesday and rented it Wednesday. Not only that but the QUALITY of applicants was astounding. I am truly delighted with my new office mate. You truly fill a need! Who knew?!! Thanks."   Cathe Linton, Cathe Linton Jewelry Designs

"Thank you, you came through for me! In early July, I placed an ad with I immediately received many inquiries and rented the space within two weeks. Our new tenant is very happy with the sublet space and so are we. Although our expensive newspaper ad produced some inquiries, it was your listing that got us immediate results. As far as we are concerned, we have and will continue to recommend your site. Placing our ad was fast and easy and the results were excellent. Keep up the good work."   , RMC Contracting Corp.

"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your new listing service. I listed office space, available to share. I had a low expectation of success. To my surprise, within two weeks I received numerous inquiries and rented the space. I have since recommended your site to several friends. I wish you and the site well and trust you will be a huge success."   Pat Cory, Managing Director , White Rock Investment Partners

"What a fantastic website, exactly what New York City needs! After paying a fortune for advertising in the New York Times and Crains with little to no response, I had fantastic success listing and renting our available offices. A true resource for us all."   Alissa Rosenberg-Torres, Vice-President , The Paramount Space

"I recently posted a listing on your web site for some office space we were looking to share. I was amazed at the response we received from the posting! We leased the space in a matter of days and have continued to field calls daily.

Great job!"   Will Risinger, Cole Systems Associates

"Your service is great! I listed an office twice. The first listing expired without a rental. The second produced three potentials and one excellent lessee within about 10 days! Thanks so much! This is definitely the way to go."   David Zeff, Law Offices of David M. Zeff

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