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  About Us®, a service of Zelacom Electronic Publishing, LLC, was founded in 1999 to help solve two problems:

1 - How can businesses, especially start-ups and small businesses, find affordable alternatives to the long lease terms and large upfront costs typically associated with "traditional" office space?

2 - How can those companies that provide short-term, Ready-To-Use office space efficiently and cost effectively market the availability of their office space to potential renters?

By creating a new market place that brings together these two highly fragmented groups,® has quickly become the definitive site for the finding and renting of all types of Ready-To-Use Office Space (executive suites, shared/sublet office space, as well as pre-built office space).

Businesses looking for space can find Ready-To-Use offices with short-term/flexible leases. These types of spaces are ideal for start-ups and entrepreneurs as well as established companies needing such short-term space to test new markets or for other short-term project needs. (Click Here to read our free article "Selecting the Right Office Space for Your Small Business", which explains why short-term, Ready-To-Use office space is often the best choice for many small businesses).

Jeffrey A. Landers, the Company's founder, has over 32 years of commercial real estate experience and has personally leased, both as a broker and corporate real estate executive, in excess of 6,000,000 square feet of office space throughout the United States.

Our Mission

1 - To provide our site visitors who are looking for Ready-To-Use office space with as many viable alternatives as possible.

2 - To provide the listors of Ready-To-Use office space on our site with a quick, efficient and inexpensive way to rent their office space

Our Service® provides a nationwide "match-making" service that focuses exclusively on short-term, Ready-To-Use office space (executive suites, shared/sublet office space, as well as pre-built office space). This type of space is ideally suited for start-ups, small businesses, consultants/professionals and any other businesses that want to avoid the upfront costs and long lease terms that are typically required when renting "traditional" office space. We have tried to make the site efficient and easy to use and we are constantly striving to find new improvements. If you have any suggestions or ideas please
contact us.

How The Site Works

Posting or searching for Ready-To-Use office space is easy. We currently offer listings under three different categories: executive suites, shared/sublet office space, and pre-built office space. Listors must open an account in order to post listings. However, browsers are free to search the site right away without entering any login or other information. To post listings click the LIST icon found at the top of every page. To search for listings, click the FIND icon found at the top of every page.

For More Information®
c/o Zelacom EP, LLC
P.O. Box 669
Ellenville, NY 12428
Phone: 845-647-8711
Fax: 845-647-8713

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