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     Q. What is® all about?

A.® was founded in 1999 to help solve two problems:

1 - How can businesses, especially start-ups and small businesses, find affordable alternatives to the long lease terms and large upfront costs typically associated with "traditional" office space?

2 - How can those companies that provide short-term, Ready-To-Use office space efficiently and cost effectively market the availability of their office space to potential renters?

By creating a new market place that brings together these two highly fragmented groups,® has quickly become the definitive site for the finding and renting of all types of Ready-To-Use Office Space, including executive suites, shared and sublet space, as well as pre-built office space.

Q. What exactly is shared office space?

A. Technically speaking, it is a form of subleasing. You will have the opportunity to rent anywhere from a single desk space to an entire group of offices within another company's larger space. Typically you will be able to share common conference rooms, kitchen areas and other facilities. Very often the offices will be furnished and equipped with telephones, faxes and even computers in place. You might even be able to share the cost of the receptionist.

Q. What are the advantages of shared office space?

A. 1) If you are a company that has excess space, it provides a very fast, efficient and inexpensive way to rent that space. Since you are sharing the space there is no need for you to spend any monies to physically separate the spaces. In addition to receiving rent for the space itself, you may also be able to recapture some costs for the use of your telephone and computer systems as well as any shared personnel such as a receptionist, secretaries, etc. Additionally, you can keep your options open for your future re-use of the space by making flexible lease term arrangements.

2) If you are a start-up, fast growing company or an established business looking to open a new branch office, an office sharing arrangement could be your perfect office leasing solution. You can rent anywhere from a single desk to an entire group of offices with many of the shared spaces being furnished, equipped and adjoined to amenities such as conference rooms, kitchens, receptionist, etc. This will save you a lot of time and money, which could be better spent building your business rather than building an office. Additionally, short and flexible lease terms will give your company the flexibility that it needs.

(Click Here to read our free article "Selecting the Right Office Space for Your Small Business", which explains why short-term, Ready-To-Use office space is often the best choice for many small businesses).

Q. What's the difference between shared office space and an executive suite?

A. While your typical shared office space arrangement is offered by a company that just happens to have some excess office space for rent (due to downsizing, lost partners, underutilized expansion space, etc.), an executive suite is a professionally managed shared office space business. Executive suite companies, some of which are national in scope, lease large blocks of office space and then divide that space into individual offices for rent. Often the office space comes furnished and equipped with telephones and other equipment. Conference rooms, kitchen areas and reception are all shared and administrative services such as word processing are provided on an hourly basis. These executive suites are often located in upscale buildings in major business areas and provide a very professional atmosphere. Due to these factors, executive suites offer a very viable alternative for those that need Ready-To-Use office space.

Q. How much does an ad cost on®?

A. Shared/Sublet Office Space and Pre-Built Office Space listings cost $99.00 per month. Executive Suites/Office Business Center listings pay in accordance with our "Pay-for-Performance" Marketing Plan.

Q. I would like to advertise space in London, England. How do I add my listing?

A. We are only accepting domestic (USA) listings at this time. However, please e-mail us and let us know of your interest. Should we find that there is sufficient interest from abroad, we will definitely consider expanding our listing services worldwide.

Q. I have browsed through your listings and have found several offices that I would be interested in. What should I do now?

A. Please contact the listor directly. You can e-mail them directly from their listing information by clicking on their e-mail address if they've furnished one. Otherwise you can make contact by telephone or by fax.

Q. How often are your listings updated?

A. Constantly. Our database is immediately updated as soon as a new listing is received.

Q. How long will my ad remain on-line?

A. Paid ads for Shared/Sublet Office Space and Pre-Built Office Space will remain online for successive 1 month periods. Your credit card will automatically be charged for each new 1 month period until you cancel the listing. All "Pay-for-Performance" listings remain online for 1 year.

Q. How do I cancel my listing?

A. Click Here and log into your account by entering your Username and Password. That will take you to a page called Current Listings. On the left-hand side of the page you will see a link next to the Renewal Date of your listing that says CANCEL. Click on that link and continue to follow the instructions.

Q. How do I reactivate a listing that I have cancelled?

A. Click Here and log into your account by entering your Username and Password. That will take you to a page called Current Listings. On the left-hand side of the page you will see a link next to the Expiration Date of your listing that says KEEP ACTIVE. Click on that link and continue to follow the instructions.

Q. I currently have a listing posted and have found a tenant to rent my office space. What should I do now?

A. Go to the List Office Space section of this site. Use your username and password to access your account and simply delete your listing.

Q. Who owns®?

A.® is a service of SmallBizRealty™, Inc., a New York City based real estate listing information company. Its founder and President, Jeffrey A. Landers has more than 32 years of commercial real estate experience.

Should you have any further questions, concerns or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We welcome your input.

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